Smoldering, hurt, and with broken wings,
Her soul and heart are freezing in pain.
The glow from her eyes, once vibrant, is gone,
And her desperate cries are unheard, in vain.

Ashen, weak, and full of despair,
Walking through crowds, alone,
No one can see her,
Nobody’s there.

Her thoughts are spinning,
Tears streaking down her cheeks.
Will she ever be strong again,
Or eternally weak?

One day, her old self will die,
Body and soul won’t be anymore.
Her life extinguished, seasons will go by,
But she is determined to rise again.

Spreading her wings in glory,
The sun itself has never been this bright.
Rising in beauty, burning with life,
This Phoenix, from ashes into the light.

(May 2011)


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