Rivers of the Mind

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They will look into every nook and cranny, they will strip you of everything you have and are, and you will stand before them naked in the most intimate of ways. And then they will attempt to destroy you.

In the not-too-distant future, telepaths are part of society. Usually identified at an early age, they are trained at the Academy of Telepathy and later fulfill various roles, depending on their classification that indicates their strength and extent of power.

Kyra Taylor is already way past the usual age when she betrays her telepathic abilities. What’s more, she is a Y, part of the very small percentage of telepaths that are considered the most powerful. In their final year at the Academy, she and her friends anxiously look towards their future paths. While her friends will be able to choose, Kyra’s world is turned upside down when she discovers her own fate: to become a Mind Hunter, an elite professional with just one job: To find rogue telepaths and bring them in … or bring them down.

Nathaniel Cadwell is more than just a Mind Hunter; he is the most powerful Hunter in service. Despite his skills, he is utterly unprepared when he’s designated as Kyra’s trainer and partner. Their relationship is torn between contempt and secret affection, and it is about to become a lot more complicated when powers unknown to both Kyra and Nathaniel attempt to use them for their own agenda: to create a new and even more powerful generation of telepaths.

With Kyra on the run and Nathaniel being misled by those he trusts, both must find and overcome the secrets hidden in the Rivers of the Mind.