About me

Cyndera has been my online identity for many, MANY years, and now it’s way too late to change it ^_^

My real name is Aileen. Born in Germany, I now live in Columbia, MD, and am a Technology Strategist by day and gym rat by night; you can find me in the free weights section or teaching my own classes at the gyms of the Columbia Association: I’m a certified group fitness instructor and hold certifications for TRX, Tribe, Balletone, and soon Les Mills Body Balance. When I’m not at the gym, I love to bake, cook, draw, sing, and of course read. I hold a master’s degree in English Linguistics, Political Science, and Comparative Literature from the University of Münster and a master’s degree in Library & Information Science from the University of South Carolina. I’m a huge fan of the Murderbot Diaries, the Old Man’s War universe and Donna Leon’s Brunetti mysteries, among many other books and authors. I’ve been writing fiction and poems since high school (with friends and just for fun) and have published various professional articles over the years, plus the occasional blog post and sort-of short story. “Rivers of the Mind” is my first published book, and I’m super-excited about being able to share it with the world. You can find pictures of my bakes and other random things on Instagram.

What my friends & family say about me:

• Dog lover, still coming to terms with the loss of Dutch, her beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier.
• Creative, multi-faceted but shy and introverted, doesn’t make new friends easily.
• Has a strong interest in health & nutrition, loves working out. Hates running!
• Listens to music all day long. Loves to sing and has a song for everything & everybody.
• Her water bottle is a constant companion. So is lip balm.